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My Family of birds are down off the Pensom stock as seen in his book, "The Birmingham Roller" by 
W. H. Pensom, Birds pictured such as 514, 183, 5610, 743, 230, the Crystal Palace and others.
 They have been kept pure and bred and selected for performance. My goal is to maintain and improve a family of birds that are strong, vigorous, and stable with a lot of roll, that work as a unit.

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Master Flyer Award recipient from the National Birmingham Roller Club
8th in the World to Receive this great Honor
Through Point accumulation from winning only National and World Cup competitions
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SINCE 1967
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This is me - Ken Easley in 1999 feeding my young bird kit from their tray.
My Partner & the best flyer in the world Jay Starley. The plaques won by the partnership of Easley - Starley in 2012. I breed em and he flys em.
4 x 1st place.
2011 Easley-1
White from my 1301 line which is from 932.
This is inbred 932.
1301 dun hen. In my winning national that recived a 1.8 for quality. She was one of my very best in the kit.
Inbred son of 932, very inbred 370 line.
307 a grand daughter of the 370
Daughter of 334, double grand daughter of 370.
Daughter of 415 Viper and son of old spangled hen 82-UTAH-832
The Donut - super roller
Pins for every World Cup I have flown in.
some of the plaques I have won for Natinal and World Cups I have won top positions in.
Score sheets from Nationals and World cup competitions I have flown in.
802 a super spinning cock 40 feet in depth, fast and excellent style.
3408 daughter of 334
My kitboxes and breeding loft to the left.
Inside my kitboxes.
Super spinner off my 193 champion and my 303 champion, both double grandchildren of the 370 hen.
334 my top stock hen for quite a few years. Bred many top spinners while mated to 932.
3410, son of 932 and 33. Inbred 370 line.
376, smokey blue bar line and grandson of 370.
876 Grandson of 370.
Grand daughter of 370
Super spin hen, double great grand daughter of the 370 hen.
370 line hen
Red check hen from my 370 line
red grizzle, 236 line
Iceman, Picasso line
Hard spinning dun.
Nice lavender cock - grandson of 236
Super fast and tight spinning hen out of 932 x 334 pair
No Band hen, grand daughter of chip hen
Mrs America. Super spinner from the 370 line
193 and 303 two of my best spinners ever both out of sons of 92-UTAH-370.
Tort cock down from 370
black peperhead from tort line x 370 line
3434 son of Blacky
315 nice spinning cock from ym simuspin line
A bobcat in our tree by the loft.
3485 inbred 370 line
583 and 621 both in kit that placed 7th in the world cup
623 daughter of super pair 932 x 334. in the kit that scored 1.8 quality in the nationals to win.
1291 tort
122 tort cock
193 son of 236 and 415 both son and daughter of 370
1312 blue grizzle
182 old spangled hen line
188 daughter of 236 and 415
super consistant spinner
The Champion
193 and 728 champions in the air
another shot of the champion
brothers 236 and 54 both out of the 370 hen.
eye of the champion
236 son of 370 super fast spin
296 son of the old spangled hen 1982.
The 303 super spinner
307 Jet hen
307 older
308 nest mate to 307
the 318 cock, son of 54 x 307
320 son of the cutter cock
Lavender Grizzle hen
342 hard spin hen
son of 404 and 621
Pinky National Birmingham Roller Club certified spinner
54 son of 370
54 and 236
60 daughter of 236 and 415
728 daughter of 296 and 370
703 aunt to 370
758 daughter of 415
The Old spangled hen
Foundation hen 
919 hen
920 hen
eye of prepotent stock cock 932
932 super producer
972 son
938 and 920
11 smokey blue cockDonut
Nice red
Sister Donut
Donut line
Balling it up!!!!
Bear treed in the back yard by our blue heelers.
Smokey blues
Double chip hen
The Crackerjack hen
236 on eggs
the grous legged hen
The gap tail hen, great spinner
White Ollie Harris / Pensom cross
Daughter of 728
Red white center tail hen
 red check hen
The red headed blue bar hen
Ripper, what a fast and deep speedster
Sisters off the 236 and 415 pair
The Tame hen bred by Jay Starley
The Rat - great rollers flown in many competitions grand daughter of 370
The Viper, super spinner out of foundation pair 92-CTRC-374 x 93-UTAH-370
Nest mate of Donut and certified roller
Smoke 183
little cutter
winter at the lofts
white cock
My friend Jimmie Lewis in front of my kitboxes
tail mark on Picasso
Pure Pensom
Pensom sketch
Red Baron
eye of the champ
Sienna Italy on vacation pigeon drinking from statue of wolfe fountain
The gaurd Dog
New: Ken Easley & Jay Starley win 1st place in the Regional World Cup against 35 entries. Also won theUSRS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FLY with 1.5 quality and 1.5 depth multipliers. We finished 18th place in the finals of the World Cup with our team. We have a couple of champions on the team. Call or email me to find out more about these superior rollers from blue blood beginnings of William H. Pensom. Over 20 years with this family. Developed the old fashioned way, breed them and fly them and only utilize the best to move forward with.